Disney Dreamlight Valley features over 175 unique recipes that players can cook to share with valley residents, consume to recover energy, or sell to craft tons of Star Coins. Remy, the famous chef of Local Valley, the adorable rat from the hit Disney movie Ratatouille, teaches you how to cook a handful of these delicious dishes, and additional recipes can be discovered by experimenting with the game’s wide variety of harvestable ingredients. While out in the woods collecting such ingredients, you might come across a bag stained with ingredients that starts a new quest with Remy, “A Three Course Thank You”. Here’s what you need to know to complete this quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to start and complete the quest A three-course thank you in Disney Dreamlight Valley

“A three-part thank youis a short series of quests added in the “Pride of the Valley” update. This is a very easy questline where you cook and share delicious five-star meals with the people of the valley. This is all you need to do to start and complete this mission in Dreamlight Valley:

Step 1: Locate the bag of ingredients in the forest

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The research “A three-part thank youbegins by discovering and collecting a mysterious bag of ingredients soil in the Forest of Valor. This starts the questline and you are tasked with bringing the bag to Remy. You must have completed the quests to bring Remy to the valley before the ingredient bag appears in the forest.

Step 2: Bring the bag to Remy and cook 5-star recipes

Once you get the bag of ingredients, bring it back to Remy. He explains that there was a situation involving some of the forest’s resident raccoons that caused him to leave the ingredients behind. He then asks you if you have time to help him by testing your cooking skills. He will give you the ingredients in the bag which includes four milks, four eggs and four cheeses.

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These ingredients aren’t particularly important, and you don’t have to use them to complete your next task. Remy will then ask you to cook a total of four five-star meals and deliver them to witty, Esmerejon, Mickeythere Scrooge McPato. you can cook any five star recipe you like, and you can choose to make four identical meals if that’s easier. Some easy recipes we recommend include Pastry Cream and Fruit, Big Seafood Plate, or Veggie Pizza.

Step 3: Deliver the cooked meals to Goofy, Merlin, Mickey, Scrooge

Once you’ve prepared a plate for each of the four residents, you’ll need to deliver the meals and show your gratitude for their contributions to the Valley. You can give any of the recipes you have prepared to the characters; They have no specific dietary preferences or requirements. They will be delighted with your cooking and will graciously accept any food as long as it is five star quality.

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Step 4: Return to Remy and receive your reward

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Once you return to Remy’s and let him know you delivered the meals, he’ll thank you and offer you three five-star meals, including a Mediterranean salad, ratatouille, and a split banana for dessert. These meals are great for restoring energy when eaten, and consuming them when the bar is full will grant a temporary movement speed buff. This completes the “Three-Dish Thanks” questline and there are no additional quests or rewards.

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