Although we’ve known for some time that the new project from Ankama Games, the creators of legendary MMOs such as Dofus and Wakfu, is Waven, this week we had the opportunity to sit down with the creators and find out a bit more about features than their new game. Today we’re talking about Waven and its content.

Waven is a new free multiplayer game from turn-based tactical combat. in which the Ankama team has been working for 5 years and which, it hopes, will attract an international audience. A game designed for a wide range of players, with that cozy, colorful and beautiful style that is already a house brand. It is designed to be a player even in short sessions, when we have little time available, or when we want to play from our mobile device, since Waven will be available for PC and mobile with launch scheduled for this 2023.

a submerged world

WAVEN is the third major part of the story that Ankama has been telling for more than 15 years, it’s a turn-based tactical role-playing game. In it, players discover the World of Twelve after it has been almost completely overwhelmed by a mysterious disaster. Only the roofs of the tallest buildings and the tops of the tallest mountains are accessible, and survivors roam the high seas in their ships in search of the resources they need to survive and thrive.

Our adventures take us along different islands that we will have to explore. In each of them we will find characteristic enemies and challenges.

Different races, different classes, lots of variety

Waven will have a large group of races available in our character creation. Each race has specific advantages and characteristics. In addition, we will also have 6 different classes when choosing our style of play. In any case, the creation of new characters seems super simple and the game offers you to create several characters.


Each character will have a customizable deck of cards and spells. We will also have 4 spaces for companions that we can summon during the game to help us in combat. And as if all this were not enough, we will have different spaces to equip ourselves with 4 rings and more equipment to improve our character and fight.

The fights can be played in cooperative mode if we invite other players to join us in our adventures.


3 game modes

Waven will feature 3 different game modes at launch. While this is a game that will continue to add content and features over time, new game modes, classes, and content will arrive later.

We will have a campaign mode to learn the history of this submerged world and its different inhabitants. We will also have an arena where we can fight in hand-to-hand duels. And we will have another game mode of which we will have more details.


Will it be Pay to Win?

Regarding the store, they told us that it will only have cosmetics and options that do not interfere with the gameplay of the game. They also confirmed to us that Waven will be available in Spanish at launch.

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