GTA 6-Leaks

Each of you should have noticed by now the remarkable events surrounding GTA 6. Around 90 clips from the development of the Rockstar Games title have been circulating since last weekend.

A hacker distributed several gigabytes of material from the game on the Internet. The material was apparently stolen from an internal Slack group and comes from the early development phase of the GTA offshoot. Take Two Interactive has had leaks of the game removed from the web. But the damage is already done.

Hacker speaks up

The perpetrator of the biggest video game leak of all time has hinted at what will happen next. Under the name Teapotuberhacker, he shared a new update on the official Grand Theft Auto forums. So he intends to cooperate with Rockstar and its flagship Take-Two and would like to “negotiate a deal”. Below the post revealing the leaks, the hacker wrote a day later:

“Ok this went viral unexpectedly, I woke up with 3000 Telegram DMs. If you are a Rockstar or Take 2 employee trying to contact me, send me a message on Telegram with the content 22559219889638875756 or email me at [email protected] ** from your company email address Address ** I will try to read all these answers soon – I’m in the process of negotiating a deal.”

Impact of the leak

The ramifications of this leak, of course, go beyond the fate of the infamous teapot hacker. Rockstar feels pressured and may stop working remotely and/or increase security at its company.

GTA VI could also be seriously delayed as the studio would be forced to counter the misrepresentation created by this early footage that the final product would not look good, as claimed by some fans and critics.

Rockstar has already made a statement about the incidents. In it, the GTA developer assured that the leaks would expressly not hinder the further development process. Whether you want to believe that is up to you.

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