If you really need an expensive icebreaker at a party, or just looking for a way to spend a ridiculous amount of money, why not customize an iPhone 14 Pro or Max with one of these unique Caviar designs?

You can get a gold Colt 1911, which comes with a real piece of gold, by the way. Or, if you go for a more silvery look, you can get the iPhone 1911 in that color as well. If you’re a CS:GO player looking to modify some of your inventory, there are also custom phones on the Caviar site that resemble a butterfly knife and shadow dagger.


Of course, with prices hovering around $10,000, these won’t be aimed at the casual consumer. But, if you have the cash to burn and want your phone to look like a mob boss, you can check out Caviar’s Desperado Collection here.


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