Get ready for wonderfully bizarre horror when Decarnation launches in May

Get ready for wonderfully bizarre horror when Decarnation launches in May

The deliciously unsettling horror adventure Decarnation just got a release window as part of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase powered by Turtle Beach Stealth Pro.

Decarnation is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in May. This means that we only have a few months to wait before we can dive into this narrative horror title.

From developer Atelier QDB, Decarnation tells the story of Gloria, a struggling cabaret dancer who isn’t having a good time. With her relationship, her career and therefore her sanity in trouble, she is surprised when she receives a tempting offer from a mysterious stranger.

Gloria will end up battling all sorts of monsters in Decarnation, both physical and mental, with the game straddling the real world and Gloria’s subconscious. It looks beautiful, if spooky, especially thanks to its 1990s Parisian setting.

Combining the puzzle-solving, exploration, and boss encounters of traditional survival horror titles with more sim-esque mini-games (like performing in a cabaret or exploring psychological symbolism), Decarnation looks like an excellent gender mix. .

You can also see in the trailer shown at the last Future Games Show – opens in a new tab – how weird the game is going to be. After seeing this, it’s no surprise the developer drew inspiration from cult movies like Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, as well as classic 2D horror and adventure titles.

With the developer repeatedly calling it “emotional” and “incredible”, it’s certainly not looking for the faint hearted.

Decarnation is coming to Switch and PC in May, but you can list it now on Steam (opens in a new tab).

If you’re looking for more great games from today’s Future Games Show, take a look at our official Steam page (opens in a new tab).

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