This is one of the most anticipated novelties by Fortnite fans, the FPS mode could soon land in the game.

While it has been the subject of numerous rumors and negotiations for several weeks, Fortnite’s FPS mode has not yet been formalized…

Fortnite: When will the FPS mode arrive in the game?

If the developers have recently confirmed the arrival of Creative Mode 2.0 for March 22, There is still no mention of the arrival of a subjective vision… According to various experts, this feature should land sometimes in chapter 4 season 2and we can’t wait for information.

It is therefore likely that the FPS mode will be available in the coming days, although it may also have to wait until the start of Season 3. As the name suggests, The first-person mode will allow fans to enjoy a whole new way to play the game, which the community has been waiting for for a long time.

However, many novelties for this new season have already seen the light of day, so it is likely thatEpic Games wants us to wait a few more weeks. In particular, we were entitled to a salvo of new points of interest on the mapas well as a crossover with Resident Evil.

Additionally, the Kinetic Blade, a particularly useful and powerful weapon, has also arrived in Fortnite, especially if you want to complete all the missions available to you.

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