Fortnite Cipher Quests introduces a new set of challenges to take us through to the end of the season, with a twist: some of them are cipher quests, which you’ll have to solve using the available clues to figure out what’s going on. you are. meant to do for them. There are a total of five rewards available for advancing these Fortnite missions, including two specifically for beating Cipher Tasks, so it’s worth finding out what the mysterious numbers really mean. If you’re ready to crack the code, here’s how to crack and complete Crypto Crypto Quests in Fortnite.

What are Fortnite Crypto Missions?

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Fortnite cipher quests will be available from February 28 at 6:00 a.m. PT / 9:00 a.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. GMT, and new tasks will be added daily until March 7, but you’ll have until March 10 to complete them. These are divided into Unencrypted Cipher Quests with clear descriptions and Encrypted Cipher Quests which you will need to decode using the available clues. Thanks to the leaked information, we now have the full list of these tasks, which we’ve included below and will update as they are officially released.

Uncrypted Crypto Missions in Fortnite

  • Visit bastion outposts (3)
  • Collect ammo from chests (150)
  • Upgrade vehicles with off-road tires or cow hunters (3)
  • Hit opponents with ranged weapons at 75 yards or more (5)
  • Get kills with a rare or higher rarity weapon (3)
  • Get kills with a rare or higher rarity weapon (3)
  • Get kills with an epic or higher rarity weapon (3)
  • Get kills with a weapon of legendary rarity or higher (3)
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or Six Shot (300)
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or Six Shot (1000)
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or Six Shot (2000)
  • Damage opponents with the Infantry Rifle or Six Shot (3500)
  • Score objectives with the Falcon Scout (3)
  • Drive a vehicle through different named locations (5)
  • Deal explosive damage to enemy players (250)
  • Collect bars from eliminated players (50)
  • Complete rewards (3)
  • Buy items from character or vending machine (5)
  • Repeated raises (3)
  • Place recruitment posters (4)
  • Expense bars (250)
  • Expense Bars (750)
  • Spend Bars (2500)
  • Spend Bars (5,000)
  • Gain shields (150)
  • Destroy objects in a vehicle (45)
  • Deal damage to players with Assault Rifles (500)
  • Overtake opponents (50)
  • Overtake opponents (150)
  • Defeat opponents (300)
  • Overtake opponents (500)

Crypto Crypto Missions in Fortnite

These encryption quests encrypted from leaked files may be placeholders, as several of them are duplicates, so we will update this section as they are decrypted. of advance published by Epic (opens in a new tab) These ciphers are likely to be resolved by substitution (1=A, 2=B, etc.), although this will not work for those listed below, so there may be more complexity of code in use.

  • (1)
  • 1.22. (1)
  • (1)
  • (1)
  • (1)
  • (1)

Fortnite Crypto Mission Rewards

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Completing Fortnite Cipher Quests, both Unencrypted and Encrypted, will unlock various reward items for your Locker, and an additional item will be awarded for completing a specific Cipher Quest, which will be revealed at a later date. These rewards are:

  • Complete 7 Uncrypted Crypto Missions: keep the peace spray
  • Complete 15 Uncrypted Crypto Missions: Loading Screen Sort Top
  • Complete 24 Uncrypted Crypto Missions: deciphered emoticon
  • Complete 3 Encrypted Crypto Missions: circuit wrapper
  • Complete the Specific Encrypted Cipher Quest – distant roar spray

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