Forest Plot Children Difficulty increased;  Gamers Complain – Game News

Forest Plot Children Difficulty increased; Gamers Complain – Game News

The latest Sons of the Forest update is now available. Unfortunately, not all of the changes were to players’ liking.

The latest patch for Sons of the Forest is now available. As expected, it fixed quite a lot of bugs in the game and introduced additional content, which certainly made the game more interesting for many people. Some of the changes, while eagerly awaited by a certain group of people, have made survival on the Big Island much more difficult. A considerable number of players have started complaining about the various fixes, and truth be told, they can hardly be surprised..

The sons of the forest have grown hard

The game is in early access, so expect there will still be some gaps and the developers can afford to experiment. The main change players are complaining about is that after opening a container and collecting items, these items will no longer appear on the next game start.

What is the problem?

  1. Such an exploit previously allowed players to open various suitcases containing ammo, explosives and other useful items, save the game, exit the main menu and re-enter the game to open the containers again and collect items. helpful a second time.
  2. This made it relatively easy to pick up lots of bullets, grenades, etc., which made the game much easier.
  3. Now that possibility is no longer available, and I could applaud such a solution, as it makes the survival aspect of Sons of the Forest much more pronounced, but…
  4. … the problem is that for such a solution to make sense, developers would also have to prevent enemies from respawning so often near the player’s base, because after several such visits it will be very difficult to defend.

“The update made everything else much harder and basically introduced a finite amount of ammo and an infinite amount of enemies attacking my base,” ModsArePaidShillz wrote.

Of course, that’s not the only thing players complain about. Reading the comments of some of them on Steam, we can see that many people are asking for better optimization and more contentbecause according to him, Sons of the Forest in its current state is a “walking simulator”.

For the purposes of this text, I entered the game and noticed that indeed once opened, the containers stay that way after reloading game save data, but loose found items keep respawning. 9mm ammo can be replenished this way by picking it up next to a corpse on one of the beaches next to a floating pontoon.

Finally, rainwater can be collected.

The main changes introduced by the update

There are more changes, of course, and we’ve listed the main ones below.

  1. A new demon boss has been added at the end of the Hell Cave.
  2. Added a group of dead worshipers. You may come across an interesting fact.
  3. The golden armor has been moved to a new cave.
  4. Once looted, containers cannot be emptied.
  5. Kelvin will no longer be killed by fire.
  6. Additional story elements were introduced.
  7. A container for collecting rainwater can be created from the shell of a turtle.
  8. Torches have become brighter and therefore more useful.
  9. With his left hand, he can use certain items when using the hang glider.
  10. New cannibal huts have been added.

You can find a list of all changes and fixes in Sons of the Forest here.

  1. Children of the Forest on Steam

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