Final Fantasy XVI couldn’t have “offered such visual effects” without the PS5 – Game News

Final Fantasy XVI couldn’t have “offered such visual effects” without the PS5 – Game News

While the wait has been going on for many years, the next installment of the franchise is finally about to point the tip of its nose on PS5.

  • Final Fantasy XVI, scheduled for release June 22, 2023

    The game will be available exclusively on PS5.

  • The title is visually impressive.

    According to the new images revealed last week, the game will benefit from a rather solid technique.

  • More than 80H to complete the game at 100%

    Thirty hours just for the single player story.

  • Clive Rosfield the next protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI

    Yosuke Matsuda had thought of making Final Fantasy an NFT game, which ultimately will not be the case.

  • tracks only

    But all he got as information is that it is neither Luminous Engine nor Unreal Engine.

  • A temporary PS5 exclusive

    The game won’t be released on other platforms until 2024.

Scheduled for this summer, Final Fantasy XVI seems to want bring the license to a real milestone, both in terms of gameplay and production.

Final Fantasy XVI couldn’t have “offered such visual effects” without the PS5

Exclusive to the Sony console, the game will clearly be one of the flagships of the machine this year. To fuel the communication a little more, Director Hiroshi Takai took advantage of a PlayStation Blog post to talk about using the power of this console.

According to him, the PS5 is state-of-the-art hardware, so much so thatwanted to praise “memory size and SSD speed”. Thus, it specifies that the hardware “comes with enough memory installed to take full advantage of the hardware”, and thathe was “impressed with the speed” of the hard drive.

Really proud of the graphics, the delicacy of character and environment modeling, and the quality of light and shadow in his title, Takai admits that all of this was only possible “because of the memory size of the PS5”.

Of course, DualSense will also be supported, using adaptive triggers when opening heavy doors or lifting stairsfor a perfect “feeling of effort and resistance”.

In the realm of good news, we have also just learned that Final Fantasy XVI has just passed Gold and its development is therefore complete. Therefore, the software will land as soon as on June 22, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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