Square Enix has announced Hatching-tide, the final fantasy xiv event inspired by Easter and spring, will begin on March 27, 2023. The annual activity always involves eggs and seasonal activities. This year the rewards will be a Tonberry themed costume for FFX IV avatars, a scary emoticon and cosmetic items.

This year, people should drop by Old Gridania and meet Jihli Aliapoh at X:10.2, Y:9.4. Once there, they can cast “Get Along and Play Knife” if they are at level 15. Participating means possibly earning the following items:

  • gesture of fear
  • Hatching-tide hippity-hoppity advertising wall furniture
  • Pa-Paya Demastered Orchestrion Roll
  • grapefruit body
  • tonberry boots
  • grapefruit hands
  • grapefruit head
  • Tonberry culottes

Here is an overview of cosmetics and extras.

As usual, some ancient items will be able to enter the game. These will be found in the Dreamer.

To remind people, there were four possible rewards for the final fantasy xiv Easter hatching event too. People were able to earn the “Eat Egg” emote, a Hatching Bunny minion, and items for their in-game home. It’s not yet known if these will be available on the Dreamer for the 2023 event.

final fantasy xiv is available for PS4, PS5, and PC, and Hatching-tide will run in-game between March 27, 2023 and April 10, 2023.

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