The latest issue of the magazine Famitsu includes more details from the publication’s latest interview with the new final fantasy xi Yoji Fujito Producer. The new information has revealed that there are no plans to end the game’s service in the near future and that Fujito would like to see final fantasy xi continue to exist in one form or another into the distant future. He also briefly talked about the planned new updates and the upcoming final battle in The voracious resurgencethe latest episodic story added to FFXI. (Thanks, ryokutya2089!)

Here is a direct quote from Yoji Fujito’s interview with Famitsu:

“My personal goal is to keep FFXI somehow. absolutely do not want FFXI end one day and leave only memories. My ultimate ideal is to aspire to maintain FFXI as a title, even if it’s in the form of a different game.

The creator also said that it would take a lot of effort to achieve this, so they are focusing on proper preservation of game data and information.

Fujito told Famitsu that the development team is looking for a way to count the number of players who have completed Domain Invasions for each server separately to add some sort of reward. Moreover, the final battle of Final Fantasy XI: The voracious resurgence will take place in a new neighborhood. The reason why the following content in The voracious resurgence it was postponed until late 2022 as the team had issues with their equipment.

final fantasy xi It is available on Windows PC. Square Enix no longer supports the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

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