We recently reported on FaZe Clan’s financial struggles and the loss in value of the esports organization since going public. Well, now that fiscal 2022 is over, the organization has shared its financials for 2022 (thanks, Esports Insider) and it reveals the extent of the value FaZe Clan has lost over the year.

The team lost $53.2 million in 2022 alone, and that number also doesn’t take into account the one-time non-cash charge of $115.3 million related to the team becoming a corporation. listed on the stock exchange in July. When the two are combined, FaZe Clan had net losses of $168.5 million in 2022.

Despite these massive net losses, the organization’s revenue has increased for 2022, which FaZe Clan attributes to the 70% increase in brand advocacy revenue.

Photo: FaZe Clan

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