Fantasy FPS in the midst of evil with great expansion and compatibility with virtual reality – Game News

Fantasy FPS in the midst of evil with great expansion and compatibility with virtual reality – Game News

The popular retro shooter Amid Evil will soon receive a major DLC, The Black Labyrinth, and a VR edition. It’s a good opportunity to catch up on the game, which you can currently buy much cheaper.

Amid Evil, a retro FPS that pays homage to classics like Doom or Hexen, will get support for VR glasses in less than a month, and the first major expansion will arrive soon after.

Amid Evil VR – “this is the real deal”.

In the midst of evil VR will offer seven distinct levels with unique scenarios and enemiesas well as new weapons and many secrets (which the base game is known for).

  1. The title will support Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR glasses.
  2. The release is scheduled for April 19, 2023.
  3. Pricing has yet to be announced; we will most likely find out soon.

In the description on Steam, the developers, in addition to listing the most important “features”, presented the game in one sentence:

“This isn’t an underdeveloped version of Amid Evil adapted for VR – it’s the real deal.”

  1. Official Amid Evil VR Trailer

The Black Maze DLC

The DLC was announced in 2020 (via: PCGamer), but only just received its own map on Steam. The expansion is meant to be a prequel to the known events of in the midst of evil. Players can expect many attractions. The description says:

“Defeat the wielder of the legendary ‘Axe of the Black Labyrinth’ to collect it and receive the title of ‘Champion’.”

The release date and price of the DLC have not been announced.

Amid Evil: what is it and what does it taste like?

Amid Evil is a classic FPS, in which we go through places and eliminate hordes of monsters. Wielding a magic ax (possibly other weapons, like lightning tridents or a power sword), we must stop the spread of evil. The game consists of 7 chapters, in which we visit various citadels, fortresses and places of worship of monsters.

Promotion on Steam

in the midst of evil it was released only for PC and got a discount during the course Steam Spring Sale. The title offers a demo of about 20 minutes, which allows you to preview the game before purchasing it and try out the ray tracing feature (exclusive to the demo version).

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