Extraction shooter HYENAS introduces us to a new character as well as dates for the new Alpha

Extraction shooter HYENAS introduces us to a new character as well as dates for the new Alpha

Creative Assembly revealed the Hero-Kithe specialist of disguise who joins the playable crew of the chaotic stripping shooter HYENAS…and someone who was clearly inspired by a certain fast-paced SEGA® series!

Hero-Ki was a minor celebrity on Earth thanks to his cosplays and charity work, but after being evacuated to the Spot, he had to turn those same abilities into more nefarious purposes. Armed with a specially modified camera to capture a target’s likeness and disguise himself as it, Hero-Ki can use his penchant for disguise to evade threats and exploit the environment in HYENAS, as only the strongest opponent pointed will be able to spot the clues .. which reveal him as an impostor.

Hero-Ki takes her place among the other hyenas, including specialists such as Prima Ballerina and Astronaut Wright.

Proxima Alpha

All PC players are invited to #JoinThePack at playhyenas.com for a chance to participate in the next alpha testit begins tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. GMT. To give you an idea of ​​what to expect, Live Product Manager Alex Hunnisett took to the Future Games Show Spring Showcase to showcase the debut of Hero-Ki and an exclusive gameplay teaser for HYENAS.

In tomorrow’s alpha, you’ll be able to play Hero-Ki on both Plundership playable maps, letting you go wild through New York-themed We Took Manhattan and 80s-inspired Greed is Good. eleven days, giving players plenty of time to get to work and hone their tactics before the close doors at 09:00 BST on Monday 3 April.

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