Today we discovered the new project in which the boys of Passion games (Knights of the Portal). It’s a new cooperative survival game that the developers describe as a cross between Valheim and Zelda. It features light survival and open-world aspects and the building of Valheim. With the handcrafted world, secrets and exploration of a Zelda.

The ancient kingdom has been lost, but its remnants endure. Above the wretched mist, deep within the temples of the Ancients, a few remaining warriors fell into a long, dreamless sleep, until they could fight again…

This time has come.

Enshrouded is a cooperative action-survival RPG for up to 16 players. Survive in a fallen kingdom consumed by mist. Fight wild beasts and fearsome bosses. Build great halls and shape the terrain of the world. Forge your warrior with various equipment and a huge open skill tree. Venture alone – or with allies – into the mists to uncover the secrets of the kingdom’s fall.

Main Features:

  • Survival and exploration: Survive and conquer Embervale, a vast open world filled with mutated creatures, mysteries and secrets to uncover.
  • Combat ARPG: Play as the Flameborn and battle Fiends, Fell, and other corrupted creatures. Learn their tactics, upgrade your character’s abilities, and fight hordes of enemies to dispel the Shroud.
  • Boss fights: Face the plagues of Embervale by challenging the monstrous bosses of the faction, it will take courage and your mythical weapons to triumph.
  • Crafting and base building: Rescue legendary craftsmen, discover long-lost recipes, and build incredible homes designed to the finest detail and shape the world’s terrain to your liking.
  • Character Customization: Customize your character and appearance, upgrade your weapons and armor in Enshrouded’s extensive crafting system.

Enshrouded will launch in Steam Early Access this 2023.

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