Insider Gaming reported that Dmitry Kozko steps down as CEO of Motorsport Games. The news reached staff via email last Wednesday, where Kozko’s resignation was confirmed, in addition to announcing his successor. it will be Stephen Hooda person already known in the company because during the years 2019 and 2022 he was president of the company.

It is not known for certain what caused this change, but it is suspected that one of the causes is the economic problems that the company has been dragging on for some time, under Kozko’s tenure. In addition to adding the delays of titles such as NASCAR and IndyCar postponed to 2024. Although it should be noted that the former CEO will not completely dissociate himself from it and will retain a position on the board of directors.

Kozko wrote in the email that “having an experienced industry leader at the helm is essential,” as well as making sure he has complete faith in Hood and is sure to have a big impact.

For his part, Hood expressed that he could not resist this offer, in addition to defending the importance of taking advantage of opportunities and taking the right direction for partners, staff and, of course, fans. racing titles.

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