Diablo 4 Beta’s Most Dangerous Enemy Is A Familiar Old Face

Diablo 4 Beta’s Most Dangerous Enemy Is A Familiar Old Face

As Diablo 4’s first public beta weekend progresses, players discover their favorite builds, explore the various towns and dungeons found in the first act of Blizzard’s fantasy RPG, and learn how to battle some of your enemies. and toughest bosses. But a surprise appearance catches many Diablo 4 players off guard, as one of its most iconic foes steps out of the shadows to claim the fresh meat of veterans and newcomers alike.

While the various boss fights you’ll encounter during the beta, such as Den Mother and X’Fal the Scarred Baron, can certainly demolish your character in moments, there’s one particularly deadly enemy lurking in the many dungeons. wrong with that. the element of surprise on his back. And no, we’re not talking about Diablo 4 error code 316719.

Diablo 4’s Butcher can spawn as a random boss encounter in any dungeon in the game, and is perhaps the most terrifying sight to be found in Diablo’s damp basements and dusty hallways. 4. Equipped with his butcher knife and a meat hook. can throw any unfortunate victim straight into its clutches, The Butcher can turn you into a meaty mess in moments.

As if his weapons weren’t terrifying enough, The Butcher has the ability to attack you with blistering speed and can stun adventurers on the spot to almost seal their fate. He’s already one of the most dangerous enemies in the beta, but he’s even more so because you’re unlikely to see him coming. Blizzard’s Twitter account of“Apologies to everyone who was slaughtered during the beta. But it will happen again. And another time. And another time.”

First appearing in the original 1996 Diablo, The Butcher has since appeared as a late boss in Diablo 3, and rears its ravenous head again in Diablo Immortal. Diablo 4’s Butcher is scary enough for a standard character, but especially for brave souls playing hardcore. Apex Legends streamer Chris Covent tweets, “In a classic Diablo move, I lost my first hadcore character to The Butcher,” and he’s not only.

No matter what class of Diablo 4 you play, The Butcher is a threat. However, the general community consensus seems to be that the Sorcerer generally feels stronger early on, while the Barbarian’s need to stay within melee range isn’t matched by enough survivability early in the game. Of course, there’s a good chance that will change as players reach higher levels, or as Blizzard rebalances things for the full release.

I killed The Butcher in my name, but that was no reason to brag; on the contrary, I was lucky that the second time I encountered him was moments after I got the Conduit Pylon buff, which turns you into a teleport ball of death lightning. When he ran out, The Butcher had less than 10% health, and I was able to knock him down from relative safety with my ranged Rogue build. The less said about my first encounter with the gigantic demon, the better.

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