Diablo 3 Season 29 will be the last season of the game to feature new content.

As Wowhead (opens in a new tab) reports, Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson spoke about the future of Diablo 3 in a recent group interview. First, Fergusson Reveals Upcoming Season 29 will it has a brand new seasonal theme, but it won’t be as “rich” as Season 28, so set your expectations accordingly.

Fergusson then reveals that starting in Season 30, the content will be repeated, effectively reliving last season for players to play again. There will be a “max and match of previous cosmetics and features that made up the previous season,” says Fergusson.

As you can probably guess, the developers at Blizzard are putting all their effort into the new Diablo 4, which will be released in a few months on June 2. Blizzard previously hinted that Diablo 4 would be more of a live service effort. than previous series entries, so it’s likely that more developers will be tasked with supporting the final game.

But all things considered, 29 seasons of fresh, fresh content is fantastic for any game, no matter how long it’s been out. Diablo 3 has clearly received a lot of dedication from Blizzard after its initial release over a decade ago in 2012, and it’s finally time to say goodbye to the longest-running game in the franchise.

Speaking of the recent Diablo 4 beta, Blizzard said it will be processing beta feedback “in a few weeks.” This has now been confirmed as part of a Diablo 4 stream taking place on April 20.

Check out our confirmed guide Diablo 4 Release Times to see when you can start playing Blizzard’s next adventure on June 2.

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