If there’s one thing that’s indispensable in Dead by Daylight, it’s a good med kit and teammates who are willing to use it. In response to player feedback, developer DBD Behavior Interactive has confirmed that the asymmetrical horror game is getting some big changes to its healing mechanic in the upcoming patch, and they’re much needed.

Tools of Terror in the middle of the PTB chapter saw a large number of healing changes, some of which were reverted. First, the healing speed itself. The base time was changed from 16 to 24 seconds, but Behavior opted to go back to the latter. like “after reviewing player feedback, we found that many of you agreed that the speed (at which) you heal others was already good before the update.”

Instead, the developers turned their attention to medkits, which many DBD players felt needed some tweaking. The behavior gave medkits considerable nerfs as survivors could “heal themselves multiple times at their convenience, leaving teammates free to work on generators while they did.” If you’re one of Dead by Daylight’s many main killers, this was pretty boring.

All medkits now have 24 charges, along with a 33% speed and effectiveness penalty when used to self-heal.. Conversely, the speed at which you heal others with a medkit has been increased:

  • camping aid kit: Increases the speed at which you heal others by 35%,
  • first aid kitt: Increases the speed at which you heal others by 40%.
  • emergency kit: Increases the speed at which you heal others by 45%.
  • ranger kit: Increases the speed at which you heal others by 50%.

All these values ​​are basic, so no plugins have been included. There are a few changes to items like rubber gloves and gel bandages, most of which are perks.

Dead By Daylight’s healing systems have been, frankly, a little tricky lately. Players have been complaining and threatening to quit the game since PTB was announced, and thankfully Behavior has taken those comments on board.

As a result, the game has also been incredibly single-player oriented, so I’m very happy to see Behavior rewarding players for really play as a team. Multiplayer games often fall victim to “that person who wants to look cool”, so I’m very happy to see the push towards teamwork; is important in DBD.

If you’re looking to dive back into the villainous world of DBD for the mid-chapter update, be sure to check out our list of all Dead by Daylight active codes so you can pick up some new gear or a whole lot. of blood points.

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