Counter Strike 2: Can you keep all your data and profile from game to game?  – Game News

Counter Strike 2: Can you keep all your data and profile from game to game? – Game News

Announced by Valve this week, Counter Strike 2 will arrive in a few months as a free update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But what will happen to player profiles and data when the time comes?

It is now official, after more than ten years of good and loyal service, Counter Strike: Global Offensive will soon enter a new era in its history. In fact, it was the night before last that Valve has confirmed Counter Strike 2 to launch in summer 2023, with all the news that entails. Since then, many players have asked many questions, which little by little are beginning to find answers.

What about player profiles in Counter Strike 2?

For example, since the game will be released as a free update for Global OffensiveWhat will happen to your data? Will your profile have a fresh start? As confirmed by the developers, the answer is no since all your data will be transferred during the update. “Your weapon finishes, stickers and all your other items can be used in Counter Strike 2”in particular, it reveals the official FAQ.

Also, in case you missed the information, your inventory will even benefit from a little shoe polish for the occasion. Because yes, the transition to this new work will not be done without a technical update, which will notably include high definition images, more realistic sound effects and a reworked interface. This will therefore also apply to any equipment you already have in your possession.

As a reminder, Counter Strike 2 is expected for summer 2023 on PC. You may also be entitled to a mobile version.

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