Blizzard is learning lessons from Diablo 4 Beta, but it will take time

Blizzard is learning lessons from Diablo 4 Beta, but it will take time

It seems that those who were waiting for feedback from Blizzard after testing the Diablo IV beta must be a little more patient. A recap and announcement of the changes will appear in a few weeks.

The second round of open beta testing for Diablo IV ended a few days ago. The general reception of the game seems to be positive, although there is no shortage of critical reviews related to various aspects of the game. Therefore, before the release of the full version, the developers of Blizzard Entertainment have to analyze a large amount of material and draw the appropriate conclusions in order to make the appropriate changes. Unfortunately, the so-called developer feedback won’t be coming anytime soon.

As we read in the article, which was posted via Twitter by Diablo Senior Brand Manager Rod Fergusson, Blizzard will consider all player feedback and respond to it within a few weeks. At the same time, the developer thanked the community for their participation in testing the game and for their patience during the tests.

Maybe we’ll learn a bit more about it in the next Diablo IV broadcast. Remember that the stream series was launched by Blizzard in February of this year. According information Provided by Diablo Global Director of Community Development, Adam Fletcher, the event will take place in April and will feature a special guest. More details should be announced in the coming days.

Diablo IV will start on June 6this year on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE and XSX/S.

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