BitLife: How to Become a Realtor – Game News

BitLife: How to Become a Realtor – Game News

There are several career options you can create for your character while playing BitLife. This can lead them to become doctors, investors, start-up owners or become famous athletes. If you like to play the market, there is also the possibility of becoming a real estate agent.

Becoming a real estate agent can be tough, and it’s a challenging career that requires you to do a lot of things yourself in the beginning. You have to buy good properties, repair them, improve them and take care of your tenants. It’s a lot of hard work, but it can pay off tremendously. This guide explains how to become a real estate agent in BitLife.

How to get the job of real estate agent in BitLife

It is important to note that all BitLife players can become a real estate agent. This career path is exclusive to those who purchase the Landlord expansion, an expansion pack you can purchase in BitLife’s story for $4.99.

Gamepur screenshot

After purchasing the real estate agent career, it is possible that the real estate agent role will appear in the Jobs category. You may need to refresh this page several times before it appears. To prevent your character from aging, we recommend that you close the BitLife application and reactivate it to see if the work appears.

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When he does, your character will become a real estate expert, where he can adjust his schedule as he sees fit, work with clients on their homes, and make massive upgrades to those properties. This career only requires a high school diploma. You will not need to attend college or any other type of higher education to qualify for this position.

We recommend that you regularly check your tenants for the homes you rent while working as a real estate agent. It’s a good way to have a positive relationship with them, which makes it easier to work with them if they have a problem with a house.


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