I am going to confess something that I have only said with the closest people and with whom I know that they will not chase me down the street with torches every time I go to buy bread. And yes, I spent BioShock Infinite in its day but… it made me ball. Yes, the truth is that it was good but I don’t know if it was because it wasn’t the type of game I wanted to play at the time or what, but it took me quite a while to beat it and not because of the difficulty.

In any house, I know that most people don’t care about that game anymore because they’re looking forward to the long-awaited BioShock 4. And silly, BioShock Infinite is a few years old, right? Well, the same goes for Grand Theft Auto V and Skyrim and there they are, coming out again in a new generation. So… why not do the same with Infinite?

This little clue has been echoed a lot through this Reddit post . It has enough upvotes to have been posted on the subreddit that it is, so that means the hopes of BioShock Infinite fans are alive with it:

  • It turns out that they discovered that the game was recently updated on Steam (via Steam DB) ❗️
  • The most curious of all is that it has been updated for the ninth time this month ❗️
  • This has made the community think that the developer is doing something with the game ❓
  • But of course, it’s not going to be a DLC or new content or anything like that, so what everyone is thinking about is a patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

How about a next-gen BioShock Infinite patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S? Let’s see, I think it’s not necessary, but many people are getting very happy so… welcome! Of course, that taking into account that it was real, that you already know that this is just a clue that has become a rumor. I will be attentive to inform you of anything.

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