atomic heart Dev Mundfish has apologized for the game’s racist cartoon appearing in the save room. The game has been no stranger to controversy since its release, but it’s the only one Mundfish has officially addressed.

Atomic Heart developer pledges to remove racist cartoon

PC Gamer first saw the cartoon which originally appeared in a real Soviet-era cartoon called Nu, Pogodi! The episode containing controversial material aired in 1978. Seen by Twitter user Kat Bailey, Mundfish thanked PC Gamer during a Twitch stream for bringing the issue to the team’s attention. The studio promised to withdraw the cartoon.

“The Mundfish team thanks the PC Gamer contributor for bringing this insensitivity to our attention,” Mundfish said. “We apologize if the use of old cartoons or music has caused harm or insult. We will edit the parts in question.

You can watch an excerpt from the apology below:

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