People who use the Blue Mage work on final fantasy xiv you will see important updates in Close future. During Producer’s Letter Live LXXVI, director and producer Naoki Yoshida announced some updates. When patch 6.45 arrives, he will increase his level cap to 80 and will have access to new spells and gear. His Masked Carnival will also be updated.

The Blue Wizard appeared as a work in final fantasy xiv after patch 4.5: Requiem for heroes. A limited job, which previously only allowed someone to reach level 70. It uses the Blue Magic Spellbook, which shows the spells players have learned from enemies and offers tips on how to get them more. Yoshida noted that there will be more spells, but didn’t provide exact details mentioning the new level 80 cap. Also, only a few of the new gear appeared in a screenshot showing their new weapons and equipment.

Likewise, exactly how The Masked Carnivale will change has not surfaced. As a reminder, a blue wizard who has reached level 50 in final fantasy xiv and defeating “The Real Folk Blues” can battle monsters in the Masked Carnivale to earn gil, seals, poetic tomestones, and achievements which can also be tied to rewards. This update could increase the number of stages and the range of enemies.

final fantasy xiv is available for PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile, and the Blue Mage Labor update is coming in 6.45. There is no release date for it yet, but 6.4 will appear at the end of May 2023. Golbez will be part of it.

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