lost ark remains one of the ten most played games on Steam since its all-time launch in 2022, and both Amazon Games and Smilegate are committed to delivering meaningful monthly content updates to gamers. Today, Amazon Games shared a letter to the gaming community. lost ark, in which he offers players his ideas and plans for the Arkesia team in 2023 and beyond.

By reflecting on player feedback and management goals, the team has expressed its commitment to improving the gaming experience. Lost Ark: accessibility for new players, updates to improve player progression, fix bots, and more. To counter exhaustion and inexperience rejections, the team is updating the Argos Abyss raid, as well as introducing the Ebon Cube, a new activity that combines Boss Rush and Dimensional Cube, and much more. The team will also be adding improvements to make progression and gear collection less slow and restrictive for new and returning players.

To thank the community, the team has also prepared a gift for all players logging in for the first time. Available to anyone who logs into the game before May 19, The reward includes a Mokoko Skin Select Chest, Mokoko Pet Select Chest, Cash, Pheons, and more.

Check out the blog post here for all the details and stay tuned for the full 2023 roadmap next week, which will include some exciting surprises.

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