Albion Online offers many ways to improve your character. With this guide, you will learn something about enchantment.

Albion Online is a game that has enjoyed considerable popularity over the years. Gamers praise the huge world, enjoyable gameplay, and the fact that the game from Sandbox Interactive GmbH is available for free. In this MMORPG we have many opportunities to increase the power of our character and the equipment we have. In the following guide, we will introduce the basics related to enchantment..

Enchantment in Albion Online

Enchanting a particular piece of equipment increases its stats, making our character more effective in combat. It is possible to upgrade equipment with runes, souls and relics. Equipment can be upgraded three times using the aforementioned items.

  1. Enchantment from 0 to 1 – we use runes
  2. Enchantment 1 to 2 – we use souls
  3. Enchantment from 2 to 3 – we use relics

We can strengthen the equipment ourselves or buy already enchanted equipment. In the case of low-level elements, it is worth doing it yourself.because you can save a lot of money, a currency that is especially necessary at the beginning of the game. When updating, it is worth paying attention to Item Power. The higher the value of this stat, the more potential the item has.

However, if we use high level weaponsfor example Tier VIII, the best option would be to buy an already upgraded weapon. For example:

Tier VIII The Hand of Khor costs around 4.1 million silver. If we decide to enchant this z weapon ourselves, we will have to buy relics worth around 11 million silver. It is clear that it is more profitable to buy high level weapons. Item prices may change with future updates, but the old principle will most likely remain the same.

Where to enchant in Albion Online

Artifact fusion on the Bridgewatch map

You can enchant items in the Artifact Foundry, found in all cities. You can easily find it when you open the map. In the game, the place is represented by a big hammer hitting an anvil.

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