According to Microsoft, “Sony just has to create its own Call of Duty” – Game News

According to Microsoft, “Sony just has to create its own Call of Duty” – Game News

The war between Microsoft and Sony is largely centered on Call of Duty. For Microsoft, Sony just has to create its own license…

The war between Sony and Microsoft has been in full swing for a few months now. The acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by the latter crystallizes all the tensions, foreshadowing the major competition concerns of Sony to come. More precisely, it is the Call of Duty license which is at the center of the debates, the latter being undoubtedly the most powerful of the Activision/Blizzard group: Sony was able to express its fear that Microsoft would offer non-optimized versions for Playstation consoles. for example, to push players to get the game on Xbox or PC.

“Sony just has to create its own Call of Duty”

Microsoft immediately disputed this accusation, stating that the Playstation, Xbox and PC versions would all be identical. But that was not enough: the agreement that allows Sony to host Playstation games on its consoles for 10 years suggests that within 10 years, Call of Duty games will no longer be available on Sony consoles. Microsoft boasted a scathing response to this: » Sony just has to create its own Call of Dutywhich implies that 10 years is a long enough period to develop a project of this type..

If we consider the talent of some Sony studios, as well as the past successes of licenses like Killzone or Resistance, it is certainly possible, but so far none of these licenses have been successful or will ever be. . Call of annual duty. It remains to be seen whether Sony has already looked into the matter internally, with the idea of ​​offering its own recurring FPS.

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