“A lot of new PlayStation projects fail,” says Shuhei Yoshida

“A lot of new PlayStation projects fail,” says Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida has been attached to PlayStation from the start. It has seen the company become one of the biggest names in gaming, and has also seen many developers and their titles come and go.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Yoshida talked a bit about the PlayStation release process and the unfortunate fact that many games just don’t make it. “PlayStation is always embracing new ideas, and many of them fail,” said.

“We prototype, test, decide to spend more time and resources, or just quit. We cancel so many games. I usually try to convince the developer that I’m trying to keep them from getting stuck with this project. We tend to work with people who have very strong ideas, we like those people, so trying to change or stop their project is very difficult. It’s all about talent in this industry. I tried to help them as much as possible.

It’s interesting to think about the projects that are about to see the light of day, but given Sony’s excellent lineup of exclusive titles, it’s clear that the bar is set very high for a studio with a new project in mind. .

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