Secret Mode has prepared a new update for a little to the leftwith the Switch version moving to version 1.2.1.

New content is included here with the Easter event “The Something Eggstra”, which adds accessible levels until April 10th. Other tweaks and fixes are also included.

The full patch notes for A Little to the Left version 1.2.1 update are as follows:

Special Events:

  • Added “The Something Eggstra” Easter event. Four handmade egg-themed levels that last four days between April 7 and April 10.

tidy up every day

  • The Spice Jars Daily Tidy puzzle will no longer conflict when both solutions have the same order of jars.
  • The Spider Web Daily Tidy puzzle no longer crashes when loading certain variants.
  • Removed the Microscope Daily Tidy puzzle from rotation.
  • Reduced the ability of Daily Tidy puzzles to repeat in a rapid cycle.

How to play:

  • Reduced the sensitivity of item swapping on fixed grid puzzles (such as the Rocks Gradient puzzle).
  • The Spice Jars campaign puzzle will no longer randomize skin tone color.
  • The Spice Jars campaign puzzle now has unique surface curves for both rows.
  • Fixed Spice Jars puzzle solving and saving the wrong solution.
  • Post-its on the computer desktop will now only accept the command represented by the icon on the computer screen.


  • Stingray Repairer implemented for stagnant streaks.
  • Helpful Clues no longer conflict with Hint Hunter and will unlock upon revealing a Clue whether or not it has already been seen.
  • Keep Away will no longer trigger at the end of another level if the setup level was exited via level select.
  • The “Ordered Items” stat will no longer increase when leveling up.

All Switch players can download A Little to the Left new version 1.2.1 now.


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