Counter-Strike 2 kept fans up at night. Some of them, after watching the official game trailer, scour the Internet for interesting facts or hidden information. One is a 12-year-old video featuring Gabe Newell, who previously outlined Valve’s exit plans. Turns out Gaben wasn’t lying..

The excerpt with Gabe’s statement was published in 2011 on YouTube (you can find the full report here).

You can see the translated images below.

Mooly: Before ending the interview. Someone told me about “God” Gabe. Can you ask him a question? I think a lot of people would like to know when you will be releasing Counter-Strike 2…

Gabe: We’ll ship Portal 2 first, then Dota 2, and only then will we care about numbers or gameplay…

Mooly: Are we going to see it or not?

Gabe: I can’t say anything more….

Mooly: Okay, thank you very much Gabe.

Portal 2 debuted in 2011, while Dota 2 came out two years later. Given Gabe’s statement, which talks about Valve’s timeline on game releases and mentions CS with a number you can say with a high degree of confidence that he was only talking about the announcement recently CS2 (not CSGO as of 2012).

Counter-Strike 2 will be released exclusively on PC in the summer of 2023. The title will take the form of a free update for CSGOwhich will port the game to the Source 2 engine and introduce many improvements, including visual ones.

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