I will tell you everything you need to know about the new version Fortnite Update Patch Notes that has landed today in the battle royale of Epic Games

Fortnite Update Patch Notes

Less than a month … there is less than a month for Fortnite Season 8 to premiere and reveal all the plans that Epic Games has been anticipating for a good handful of weeks. What if the return of Kevin , what if the Naruto skin for the next Battle Pass that I am going to buy without even seeing my hand grabbing the wallet. But we cannot forget that the present moment is also important. And more today; time when the new update 17.40 was released.

The thing is that Epic Games has returned to the beautiful habit of officially revealing the main news that comes with each patch . And thank goodness that he did it because I was going to go bald from pulling my hair so much when having to dive in a sea of ​​leaks that was too extensive.

For this reason and with the aim that you too can keep your hair intact, below I leave you with a fairly detailed list of everything you can expect from this new Fortnite patch . Let’s get into trouble.

What’s new?

  • The first Wild Week of Season 7 begins, where all many of the weapons will be replaced by their silenced variants
  • New limited-time mode called Imposters inspired by Among Us
  • A new variant of the Pulse Rifle has been added that fires in a burst when aiming and has a larger magazine
  • The mothership has begun to abduct Coral Castle

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug related to preferred item slots and double-spaced items, such as the splash cannon, which caused a wrong space shift when the player chose a new item.
  • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Chests could not be opened if a player left the team during the game. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused vendor item disguise services to be disabled. We have re-enabled those services.

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