Taxes 2022

Taxes 2022: 5 tips to take care of your declaration and that your refund arrives quickly

There are a few things you should take care of when filing your tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to mitigate delays in your refund

For many workers in the United States, there is only one motivation for filing taxes each year, and that is the prospect of a refund. However, there are many factors to consider in order to receive it and be one of the first to enjoy it.
According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the average typical US tax refund was $3,200 in 2022. However, taxpayers should be cautious in their current expectations, as the IRS has announced that the expected refund for this year will be less, because many tax credits have been reduced to the previous numbers of the pandemic.

Although this situation does not seem attractive as in other years, any money you get in tax refunds is always welcome. The IRS says it sends 9 out of 10 refunds within 21 days. Here are 5 tips to take care of your tax return and that your refund arrives quickly so that you are one of the first to enjoy it.

1. Don’t file a paper tax return

According to a statement from the National Taxpayer Advocate, an IRS watchdog, paper tax returns are a kind of “kryptonite” for the IRS. In fact, this method causes return processing delays because IRS agents must manually enter data from paper returns into their computer systems, a process that has been complicated during the pandemic.
The experts and the agency itself recommend that taxpayers file an electronic return through the IRS website to reduce the processing time of their return by weeks or days and, with it, the time you would have to wait to receive your refund, if you have it.

2. Do not file your return without having all your documents

Although it is very attractive for all people to want to file quickly, to get ahead of everyone in receiving the reimbursement, on many occasions, this can cause greater delays than benefits, due to the lack of documents and forms to verify income and expenses, which makes it impossible to submission of any refund.
Many taxpayers do not receive all their tax forms by January 23, for example, because employers have until January 31 to send W-2 forms, or their 2022 wage and tax statement, to their taxpayers. workers. Forms for corporations, such as LLCs, have a deadline for submitting forms until March 15. As you will realize, if you need any of these documents for your declaration, you will not be able to present it before receiving them.

3. Do not estimate your amounts

The importance of the forms is that they show exact figures of income and expenses. Filing early, with an “estimate” of your earnings, will not only affect the time in which you receive your refund, it could be even more damaging than that.
If your tax return doesn’t match the IRS data, your return will be flagged for review or even an audit. That could add weeks, or more, to the processing time.

4. Review your personal information before submitting

Filling in personal data is so ridiculous for many and it is done so automatically, that sometimes typographical errors are made or important data is omitted, such as a change of address, which could delay the processing of your return and the sending your refund.
Misspelling your name, Social Security or ITIN number or any other information can cause a delay of days or weeks, since the IRS will request a review of the return. These errors also apply to information about dependents.

5. Opt for direct deposit

If you want your refund quickly, yes or yes you must opt for direct shipping deposit. To do this, you must add a bank account, using the routing numbers of your account and bank. Otherwise, the IRS will send a paper check to the address marked as your home or to the one you registered, which takes a few more days to arrive.

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