Social Security: which beneficiaries will receive two paychecks in December 2022

Social Security: which beneficiaries will receive two paychecks in December 2022

Those who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits will receive two paychecks during the month of December, in 2022. Here’s why

The last month of the year is just about to begin and good news comes hand in hand for some beneficiaries who receive income from the Social Security Administration (SSA, for its acronym in English). Those who get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) amounts will see two paychecks in December.

According to an estimate from SSA, SSI recipients can expect to see two payments in the month of December totaling approximately $1,755, which should arrive in their accounts by December 31, 2022.

The dates on which SSI recipients will receive these checks are: the first will go to their accounts on December 1 and will be for an average amount of $841 dollars , while the second payment should arrive on December 30. December, since December 31 falls on a Saturday, so the date is moved to the business day prior to the payment date. This benefit will be for approximately $914 dollars.

In theory, the payment for December 31 should be made on January 1, but since it is an official holiday, it is moved to December 31, but since this day falls on a Saturday in 2022, then you have to go back to travel, in this case, for Friday.

As a general rule, when payments are made on a holiday or weekend, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will issue checks the next business day. And it is common for it to happen in the month of December. In other months that it is customary to do this dynamic, at least for 2022, it happened once in April and the other time in September.

When it comes to SSI payments, they are made on the first day of every month, unless the calendar is affected by a holiday.

Who qualifies for SSI benefits

These benefits are for adults and children who are disabled or blind, totally or to some degree. It is also for older adults who are low-income and whose income is below the previously specified financial limits for each year.

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