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IRS: what are the most important tax dates of 2023

In Globe Live Media we are going to present you the most important dates that will occur in the fiscal field during 2023. Don’t miss any!

The arrival of the new year marks a new fiscal calendar for the United States. It is in the month of January when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) generally begins the season to present the taxes of the income obtained during the previous year. But it is not the only important date that you should be aware of throughout the year. In Globe Live Media we are going to tell you the key dates of this 2023 in terms of taxes.

1.- Start of the fiscal season

So far, the IRS has not disclosed what day the 2022 income tax season will begin, however, it generally always occurs in the second half of January. Only during the Covid-19 pandemic, the so-called Internal Revenue Service reviewed the start and end dates of the tax season. But it is to be expected that the same situation will not occur this year.

2.- End of the fiscal season
It is usually on April 18. In 2023 this day falls on a Tuesday. After this date, those who have requested a tax extension can send their documentation. However, taxes must be paid no later than April 18 to be on time.

3.- Estimated taxes for the fourth quarter
January 17 is the deadline to pay the estimated taxes that correspond to the fourth quarter. This one is for the self employed. In general, this applies to those who will owe more than $1,000 in taxes when they file their returns.

4.- Tax withholding exemption
This is the deadline for people who used Form W-4 to claim an exemption from 2022 federal income tax withholding to file a new W-4 for 2023 income taxes.

5.- Minimum distributions in IRA and 401 (k) plan
April 3 is the calendar date for people who turn 72 in 2022 to take their first required minimum distribution from their traditional IRA or 401(k) plan. Generally, the deadline to do so is April 1, but since 2023 falls on a Saturday, then it is moved to April 3.

6.- Deadline for those who requested a tax extension
Those who requested a tax extension before April 18 must send their forms and all the corresponding documentation to the Internal Revenue Service before October 16, 2023.

7.- Estimated taxes for the first quarter of the new fiscal year
The deadline to file estimated taxes for the first quarter of the new tax year is April 18, 2023. This date is for small business owners or those who are self-employed and earned more than $400 during the year fiscal.

8.- Estimated taxes for the second quarter of the new fiscal year
This deadline expires on June 15, 2023.

9.- Estimated taxes for the third quarter of the new fiscal year
This deadline expires on September 15, 2023.

10.- Take your required minimum distributions
After taking your first required minimum distribution, you must take subsequent distributions before the end of the calendar year. If you delay it from 2022 to 2023, you must take the 2023 before December 31, 2023.

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