Tesla works on a solar-powered range extender on a trailer

Tesla works on a solar-powered range extender on a trailer

Tesla has shown off a range extender concept in which solar charging panels fold up into a trailer so electric vehicles can take them with them. In this way, when a car is running low on battery, the trailer can be unpacked and the battery recharged.

In addition, the trailer is equipped with an Elon Musk SpaceX Starlink satellite internet receiver . In this way, travelers can also access a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

Tesla’s solar range extender was spotted at Hannover’s IdeenExpo show, where it was displayed alongside a cutout of the Model Y with 4,680 battery cells.

Unfortunately, for those who have already envisioned ways to use the trailer, there is no indication that it will become a consumer product any time soon. In fact, it may just end up being a nice proof of concept.

However, Instagram user teslamodel3fahrer managed to snap photos of the innovative device and whet our appetites.

They were later posted on Twitter by @tesla_adri.

It is believed that, if it became a real product, the panels would have to be enlarged, since the estimate is that, as it currently stands, the trailer would only generate about 80 kilometers of extra range after a day of charging.