Will Smith uncovers details of his difficult stage of sexual addiction

Will Smith uncovers details of his difficult stage of sexual addiction

The chapter of the biography that emerged now returns to talk about his sexual life, although in his stage prior to his current marriage with the also interpreter.

The one who was the protagonist of the mythical series The Prince of rap revealed that, after his then-girlfriend Melanie left him and broke his heart, he embarked on a frenzy of one-night stands that nonetheless resulted in a clear physiological rejection of sex.

The artist assured that at that time his addiction to sex, understood for him as a way of seeking comfort and protection from his love disappointment, was mixed with the deep displeasure he felt once the activity was finished, which even led him to feel nauseous and want to vomit.

“In the following months [a su ruptura con Melanie] I became a kind of hyena. I had relationships with many women, which made me feel so guilty inside that I ended up developing a psychosomatic reaction to orgasm. It literally made me gag and even wanted to throw up, “he said.

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