Ulises Bueno was surprised to say that he cannot support one of his best-known songs

Ulises Bueno was surprised to say that He cannot support one of his best-known Songs

Globe Live Media, Friday, January 29, 2021

A few days after returning to the stage with a show at the Gran Rex stadium, in what will be his return after the long period of inactivity he had due to the coronavirus pandemic, the singer and composer from Cordoba visited the program The Mammons and revealed that he never liked one of his best known songs.

The brother of Rodrigo Colt went through the studies of America and after a funny talk he had with the conductor of the cycle, Jey Mammon, was encouraged to interpret some songs from Andres Calamaro, whom he said to admire, such as “When you are not” and “Perfect Crimes”, but also “Cacho de Buenos Aires”, by Chestnut Chub, and even a tango, “Nostalgias”, popularized by Placido Domingo.

However, the surprise came shortly after, when he had to sing some quartets of his own. Seated at the piano, the host of the night began to play the chords of “Dale, dale,” while the guest only made disapproving gestures.

Do you know what is the topic that I never wanted to do in my life? When they offered it to me I said ‘No, that topic is not for me. Give it to the Caligaris or the Authentic Decadent, maybe it suits them better because it doesn’t go with me. ‘ I sing something else. And the song that hit the hardest was that, and I have to sing it every day. Everyone likes it, but not me ”, confessed Ulises.

However, and despite acknowledging that he does not like this song at all, the musician continued singing and then continued with other hits from his repertoire, some of which will surely be included in the double function that he has scheduled for next Saturday 30 of January at the Gran Rex, the first at 7:30 p.m. and the second at 9:30 p.m.

Prior to all this, the quartet had a deep conversation with Jey Mammon, to whom he told, among other things, that when he was little he “spied on” his brother “when he was with his women”, but clarified that “he did not understand what it was happening because I was a boy ”.

Jey Mammon convinced him to sing the song anyway.

“My mom is a very special person. She lost 90 percent of it when my brother passed away, it went out a lot. It is like a low consumption lamp, which does not light the same as normal ones. It was difficult to be with my old woman, constantly confusing me with him. He said ‘hey, Ro, listen to me’. She misses him a lot, she is with photos of him constantly, “he explained.

In addition, Ulises confirmed the anecdote that a clairvoyant contacted El Potro and told him that the deceased artist advised him to “take great care, not to look for what he would not find in the people that perhaps one is closest to” .

“When he died, I started the next day with my music. He had to do Saturday passion, we went to comply with what was scheduledWe were all crying and I didn’t want anyone to touch his microphone So I started singing, shit I was 14 and I was turning 15 the next day, ”he recalled.

Finally, he was very emotional when talking about Rodrigo, whom he described as a person who “taught, educated and guided” him in life, and even transmitted “the codes” that he currently has.

“My old woman wanted the whole family to accompany my brother’s career, so we spent it traveling. I had to live his life, go other ways. Learning to read and write was complicated, friends of my brother taught me ”, he added.

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