This is the parody that Los Chicaneros did for ‘TQG’, a song by Karol G and Shakira

This is the parody that Los Chicaneros did for ‘TQG’, a song by Karol G and Shakira

This is the parody that Los Chicaneros did for ‘TQG’, a song by Karol G and Shakira

February 24 Karl G. released his album ‘Mañana ser bonito’ and with this release he also offered his millions of fans the video clip of ‘TQG’, its collaboration with Shakira which is included in his new record work.

For weeks before, the rumors of a common song between Colombian artists were already ringing strong and, finally, the public of the paisa and the barranquillera could already enjoy the song, which speculated that it could be inspired by the singers’ ex-boyfriends: Gerard pricks, Shakira’s ex-partner; in addition to anuel aaformer partner of Karol G.

If you’re talking about the lyrics of ‘TQG’, which is apparently an acronym for ‘You got big’; The first lines go like this:

“Whoever told you that a void was filled by another person is lying to you, it’s like covering a wound with makeup, you can’t see it, but you can feel it. You left saying that You had outdone me, you got yourself a new girlfriend What she doesn’t know is you still see all my stories Baby, what was that? how swallowed What are you looking for me la’o if you know that I don’t repeat mistakes Tell your new baby that I don’t compete for men, to stop shooting, that at the the less I had you pretty.

It should be remembered that soon after the confirmation of the breakup of each of the singers, their ex-boyfriends quickly started dating again. In the case of Pique, the footballer made his relationship with Clara Chia. And, the separation from Shakira -confirmed in June 2022-, occurred amid speculation of infidelity on the part of the Spaniards.

For his part, the breakup between Anuel AA and Karol G became known in April 2021. Subsequently, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer began dating the urban singer. Most Viral Yailínwhom he married in 2022.

Now, once ‘TQG’ was released, the topic was on everyone’s lips and, in a world dominated by social media, there was no shortage of parodies about it. In this sense, content creators called “The Chicaneros” They shared a funny video on their TikTok account under the description of: “Karol G and Shakira writing TQG”.

In this way, two tiktokers have dressed up as barranquillera and paisa and are seen conversing to write the aforementioned topic. “Shaki, but we can’t play the song until the anuel bites you, it’s too long”, launches the one who interprets the reggaeton singer with humor.

Then, whoever plays the pop star comes up with a short name like TQG: “Silly girl take away husbands…”; and for the chorus he proposes to put: “Toad @%$& who did not pass me, what is your son of a bitch * message sender”. Subsequently, who disguises herself as Karol G approves of the ideas of the supposed Shakira, but modifies them to make them sound better: “I like it, but I will summarize: baby, what was it? no, well, very swallowed”.

“And to conclude in beauty we could say: tell @$%& that.. look how ugly you are”, concludes the one who embodies Shakira.

This is the parody that Los Chicaneros did for ‘TQG’, a song by Karol G and Shakira

The parody and original video for ‘TQG’ was a huge hit. On the one hand, the Los Chicaneros video on TikTok has over 700,000 likes; while the Colombian singers’ music video already has 70 million views on YouTube so far.

Regarding his collaboration with Shakira, the reggaeton paisa wrote on his Instagram profile: “When women come together, the result is powerful. Making history together: TQG”.

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