In a big way and with laughter as her main ingredients, Thalía celebrated a full-color party for her 51st birthday in Miami.

Dressed in a gala, with feathers and diamonds included, the singer spared no details to celebrate this new year. And she did it in the best company!

“What a way to celebrate my birthday! Well accompanied, pampered, full of laughter, affection and joy! Thank you for this wonderful night! Happy birthday to me,” she wrote along with some explosive images.

In addition to her husband, Tommy Mottola, there was no lack of her soul friend and adventure partner, Lili Estefan, with whom she was most fun and playful.

There were also Gloria and Emilio Estefan who did not want to miss this special day for the Mexican actress.

Especially impressive was the exquisite five-tier cake that could have been for a wedding. At this dinner there was also a toast with cocktails, sushi and, of course, music to dance with all your heart.

“What a dinner!” Thalía expressed happily with life. A night of pure joy and fun with which she welcomed her spectacular 51 years. Many springs!

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