“Spiderman: No Way Home”: Tom Holland and Zendaya very affectionate on the red carpet of the premiere of the film

Tom Holland and Zendaya were very close together and stole all eyes during the avant premiere of the long-awaited Sony Pictures film “Spiderman: No Way Home”, which was held the night of the last Monday, December 13 in Los Angeles, California.

As in London, the couple that is in fashion because of the possible romance that would have been born between them a few months ago but which is still not fully confirmed by the same actors, she looked very glamorous in front of the cameras, they hugged and exchanged knowing glances between them.

In the images posted on the entertainment website “I like cinema”, you can appreciate the flirtations between the two, the delicate way in which Holland places his hand on his partner’s back and how she does the same, showing the confidence they have.

Meanwhile, photos and videos of the event were shared on the film’s official networks and in one of the publications they noted: “The only thing we can confirm is how much we love the cast of Spider Man No Way Home and how much they love each other”.

Recall that after Tom Holland and Zendaya were caught kissing last July, both preferred to remain silent about the fact. But it was in mid-November, in an interview he gave to GQ magazine, that the actor who plays “Spider-Man” talked about it, although he avoided confirming the romance.

“One of the downsides to fame is that your privacy is no longer really under your control, and a moment that you think is going to be between two people who love each other is being shared with the whole world. I have always been inflexible when it comes to keeping my life private, because I already give a lot of myself to everyone”, he pointed.

“We felt that our privacy had been stolen. The kiss thing is not something I can talk about without her. I respect her too much. It is not my story. It is our story. And we will tell whatever it is when we are ready to do it together”, he concluded about it.

Ashley Johnson
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