Italian actress Sophia Loren had to be taken to the hospital for emergency surgery due to a fall in which she fractured her hip; she is now in recovery and accompanied by her children.

Italian actress Sophia Loren had to undergo emergency surgery on Sunday due to a hip fracture. She was at home in Switzerland when she suffered a fall, but is now recovering, accompanied by her sons Edoardo and Carlo Ponti.

Andrea Giusti, Loren’s representative, commented that the accident caused the artist several fractures in different parts of her hip and femur; fortunately the operation was successful, but doctors will be attentive to the recovery process during the next few days.

This Tuesday Sophia was to go to Bari, Italy, to inaugurate a restaurant and receive an award for her long career in cinema, along with the appointment of “honorary citizen” in the place. The Ansa news agency reported that the 89-year-old actress “will have to undergo a brief period of convalescence, followed by a complete rehabilitation”.

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