Shakira confessed that she was asked to change the lyrics of her song with Bizarrap and refused: “I’m not diplomatic”.

The singer talked about her viral “tiradera” during a revealing interview with ‘Billboard’.

Although it has been more than a year since the news of the breakup between Shakira and Gerard Piqué after 12 years of love, starting one of the most followed stories of the heart by the international show business, everything indicates that the singer still has things to say about the separation.

The recent release of her single El jefe, accompanied by the regional Mexican music group Fuerza Regida, brought up new references to that ending, this time pointing to her former father-in-law and making reference to the way in which the former nanny of her children Milan and Sasha discovered the infidelity of the now businessman.

That is why during her interview with Billboard published this week the question revolved a lot around what the Colombian had lived during the last year, leaving several headlines in the talk, as when she stated that “I’m still exorcising some demons, the last ones I have left”, as Shakira herself acknowledged.

One of the revealing points of the interview included the subject matter of her most recent releases, so direct that there is no doubt who she is referring to at every opportunity. At one point, the singer revealed that when she was recording BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53 with Argentine producer Bizarrap, which became a worldwide viral phenomenon, she was asked to change the lyrics of the song, because of the harsh attacks on Clara Chia, Pique’s current partner, or her own ex-partner. Shakira refused, and explained why:

“I am not a United Nations diplomat; I am an artist and I have every right to elaborate my emotions. It is my catharsis, it is my therapy, but I also know that it is the therapy of many people; I am a voice for many people”.

On this last point, she took the opportunity to state that the session with Bizarrap, but in general this string of songs alluding to the end of her relationship with Piqué, were working as vehicles of female empowerment:

“I think songs like the one with Bizarrap, or like the one I did with Karol G, have indeed injected in many women today a strength, an empowerment, self-confidence and also a backing to express and say what they need to say.”

Shakira confessed that during the past 14 months since the separation she has gone through several stages, including “denial, anger, pain, frustration, anger again, pain again. Now I’m in a ‘keep your head above water’ stage. And in a stage of reflection.” But despite this, she stressed that having recovered music has somehow compensated her not only in terms of the separation, but the other personal situations she has gone through:

“Life somehow compensates you. In one year I lost what I loved the most, the person I trusted the most, my best friend, who is my father, with whom I have not been able to have a conversation again after the accident he had in Barcelona. He went there precisely to comfort me, to give me support in that moment of my separation and that’s what happened. I even thought, how can so many things happen to me in one year? But well. Since then my music has also taken a new flight and I guess this is life’s way of compensating”.

Although she seems to assume that it is a process of reparation that takes time, Shakira acknowledged in the interview that even understanding that she is clear that there are irreversible consequences in her life due to the breakup with the father of her children:

“When a family is torn apart, I think there is nothing that can compensate for that pain. My biggest dream in life, more than collecting platinum records and Grammys, was to raise my children with their father, to have a family, you know? To go through the problems, the obstacles, and overcome them, and grow old next to someone. I know I’m not going to have that.

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