Outrage, fury and a lot of sadness has been unleashed by the terrible case of the 22-year-old Iranian girl, whose life was taken away for not wearing her hijab correctly (the veil worn by women), causing many women fed up with the situation to rise up to protest on your behalf.

The impact she received on the head from a baton was what made him no longer with us, due to the laws that exist in Iran, where women are forced to cover their hair with a veil, as well as their arms, legs and almost all parts of her body with fairly loose clothing.

Some celebrities such as the singer-songwriter Shakira have decided to use their social networks to make it clear that they support the protests in which Iranian women are found, fed up with the strict laws that deprive them of their freedom, a post expressing their feelings was what they did singer.

“My heart goes out to the family of Mahsa Amini and to the women and schoolgirls of Iran and all those who fight for freedom of expression.”

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Placing an image of Mahsa, you can see the young face full of life, because she still had a lot ahead of her, it has overwhelmed many protests inside Iran, but the case has made feminist women stand up on behalf of the 22-year-old girl from age, for justice to be done.

What has drawn attention is that despite the fact that many feminist groups have tried to contribute something, influencers, celebrities, artists with a lot of power have not spoken about it, Shakira, Dua Lipa and women who are dedicated to social issues have been among the few who have dared to speak about the unfair way in which it ended Mahsa Amini.

In the comments section of the tweet that the Colombian singer’s account issued, it is full of people who have shared that this terrible act has been done for so many years, to so many people and above all, repressing women for a long time.

Many say that there is a time before Mahsa’s death but they assure that there will be a time after, they will fight for the norms inside Iran to change.

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