Salma Hayek: this is her opinion that her daughter also wants to be an actress

Salma Hayek: Her Daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault Also Wants to Be an Actress

“Like stick, like splinter”, this saying applies very well to the mother-daughter relationship that actress Salma Hayek has with her offspring, Valentina Paloma Pinault, who is the product of her love with the French businessman Henri Pinault, with whom she has been married for more than 15 years. And it is that her puny daughter is already beginning to think about her future.

Salma Hayek and Her Daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault

Naturally, the daughter of the renowned Mexican artist feels great admiration for her mother, because with such a successful and extensive career, she is sure to be proud of her too. Therefore, it is not surprising that the 15-year-old wants to continue on the same path, hoping that she can venture into the world of cinema.

In the interview that Vogue was doing to Salma Hayek In the month of May, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, they also spoke with Valentina Paloma, their relationship was publicly shown for the first time. And it is that until now it had been decided to keep the young woman out of the media.

For many years, the movie star chose to leave her daughter out of the middle, since exposing her daughter to the judgment of the whole world could affect her free development, taking away all her privacy in the years when a space is most needed. sure. And it is that she knows firsthand the dangers of being exposed at such a young age.

During the conversation, Salma Hayek’s daughter was questioned about her plans for her future and her desires to dedicate the rest of her life, to which she replied with great confidence that she also wants to be an actress, however her Mom doesn’t seem very convinced about this.

Part of her concern is the fact that fame does not allow you to have a completely private life, especially at such a young age as a teenager. “When you act very young you lose your anonymity,” was her argument, asking her daughter to be patient in deciding on this issue.

But this was not all that she was explaining, because she told him that she should look for a profession that allows him to feel full in all aspects of her life, from her most human side to the one that fulfills the function of a public figure.

I think that on a general level, the best thing is to maintain and have a life strategy that allows you to have an artistic facet, a professional one, and another as a woman, knowing that one of those things always takes a little risk,” added the 55-year-old celebrity years

So, it can be concluded that there is still a long way to go to be able to see Valentina Paloma publicly, because although Salma Hayek They already take her to events, these controlled appearances seem to be all that will be shown of her for a few years.

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