Rihanna Confirms She Will Perform At Super Bowl 2023 Halftime

Rihanna Confirms She Will Perform At Super Bowl 2023 Halftime

Rihanna uploads a video to networks in which she announces her presence at the next quintessential event in the United States

Rihanna will be the artist to perform this year at the break from the Superbowl 2023. The Barbadian singer will be the protagonist of the Super Bowl halftime show that this year will be sponsored by Apple Music.

The confirmation announcement, an open secret, is like Rihanna: diva. Throughout the 30 seconds that the spot lasts, an amalgam of voices can be heard whispering, impatient and angry, “2,190 days have passed… More than six years have passed… Rihanna is who everyone is rooting for waiting… The last album we had from Rihanna was ‘Anti’, in 2016.”

While listening to all that buzz, the silhouette of the Barbadian singer is seen, who poses in front of the camera and poses, dressed in a fluffy green jacket and an impossible braid as a hairstyle. When the voices begin to mix, the sound stops, the shot opens and a spotlight illuminates the artist, while the camera cuts to black. At that moment, the vocalist puts her index finger to her lips “shh”, like Raúl at the Camp Nou, and a fragment of ‘Needed Me’ sounds, right from the album ‘Anti’.

Although the last two editions were led by male talents: 2021 with The Weeknd and 2022 with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dog and 50 Cent, this time it turns completely and Rihanna will be the protagonist.

The musical director of the show will be Adam Blackstone, a popular American musician and close to R&B, Hip hop and pop artists in the United States.

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