Maluma He is one of the great exponents of urban music in recent times and he uses his social networks not only to share with his followers the news of his artistic career, but also things from his daily life and his family environment.

Thus, in one of his latest post, he has surprised all his Instagram followers. And it is that the Colombian decided to use his Stories to post an unpublished photograph of his adolescence, exactly from the time he was still a student.

“Papi Juancho in his school days”, Maluma wrote next to the snapshot, in which We see him with a military type cut and almost all his hair shaved. In addition, he wears a white polo shirt with a blue collar that appears to be part of his school uniform.

Maluma caused a sensation among his followers with a photograph of his adolescence. (Photo: @maluma)

Without a doubt, Maluma is a box full of surprises. Let’s remember that just a few days ago, in a fun interview, through a video call, with Ellen DeGeneres, he revealed that he loves spending days on his farm to hang out with his animals.

“It is my favorite place in the world. Whenever I go, I try to reconnect with my soul, with my spirit. We have 25 horses there. We have cows, chickens, many animals there. I love all of you. I really love my life there with my family “, he stated.

And in September of last year, in statements to the magazine “VMan”, surprised locals and strangers by detailing how it is that He decided to leave Atlético Nacional, a soccer club in the city of Medellín, to dedicate himself exclusively to music.

“It is one of the largest soccer teams in Colombia. I had the opportunity to play on that team. Not quite the professional team, but almost. When I was 16, I quit because I went to school and fell in love with the music I was making.. My father’s dream was undoubtedly always that I was a footballer ”, counted.

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