Mai Helmy

After the “Mai Helmy” incident, official steps to prevent insults on screens

A great controversy arose on social media in Egypt during the recent period, regarding the incident of Ahmed Saleh, the former star of Zamalek, with broadcaster Mai Helmy.

And a video clip spread of part of the presenter’s episode broadcast on an Egyptian satellite channel, showing Mai Helmy attacking her guest, Ahmed Saleh, the former Zamalek player, with phrases that angered Al-Abyad’s followers on social media.

Stop the program

The channel’s management decided to refer the announcer, Mai Helmy, for investigation, and to stop her program, until the investigations ended with her.

For its part, the Media Syndicate in Egypt, headed by Tariq Saada, decided to prevent the media, Mai Helmy, from appearing in the media because she did not obtain a license to practice the profession.

Ahmed Saleh, the former Zamalek player, reveals in an exclusive interview to Sky News Arabia the scenes of the controversial episode with the announcer and his feelings after stopping it.

Saleh expressed his happiness with the support of the artists, as well as the public, athletes and critics, when he left the episode after being “attacked”.

He added that when he left the episode, the owner of the Al-Hadath channel and all the workers in the channel apologized to him, but Mai Helmy did not apologize, noting that she finished seven minutes of the episode and went alone.


Saleh revealed that he did not expect all this support from the audience, as he received many messages of support after leaving the episode, adding that he left spontaneously because of the way the announcer handled.

Behind the scenes of his going to the episode

He added that he did not regret going to the episode, and said: “I went to help a young preparer, and a respected and distinguished person at the beginning of his path, and not for any reason or anyone else.”

The Zamalek star added that the “preparer” had spoken to him for a long time, but he did not have enough time to go with him in an episode.

Ahmed Saleh explained that it is impossible to appear again with Mai Helmy on this screen.

The role of the media union

For his part, Dr. Tariq Saada, head of the Media Syndicate, spoke, in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, about his assessment of the professional scene of the presenter Mai Helmy with Captain Ahmed Saleh.

Saada added that the scene is completely unacceptable, pointing out that the guest must be respected, and that dealing with him is not in such a way.

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