In this decade, length, color and design are the characteristics that every good manicure must respond to, and Kylie Jenner knows how to turn her nails into a trending topic.

Each and every one of the photographs that the little girl of the Kardashian sisters shares on her social networks accumulates thousands of likes. To her power of influence are added the income of Kylie Beauty brand, increasingly present in more sectors of cosmetics, and, of course, her marked bling bling style. The result is a powerful combination of success, something that is reflected in your manicure. Kylie Jenner continues to be a staunch advocate of XXL manicures where acrylic and gel polishes are the key ingredients to achieve a perfectly polished patina.

The new French manicure

This search for aesthetic harmony in the highest standards was materialized in her latest manicure, a fusion of traditional enamelling, acrylic, nail art and applications that moved away from the latest looks of the businesswoman. While everyone focused on the stunning rings that both mother and daughter wore, Kylie Jenner’s manicure sent another message, between trend and statement of intent. Dad has given us matching rings , read the photograph in which Stormi’s hand wore a white gold ring set with two diamonds., one in the shape of a teardrop and the other square, valued at about 104,000 euros, matching her mother’s, of the same design but with a price that would amount to 280,000 euros, according to Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro company to the website ‘Page Six’.


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But don’t be dazzled by the bling bling of Stormi and Kylie’s rings, because their manicure hides many more trends – and notably more affordable – than the incredible rings. While the children’s manicure is supported by a dark satin green , responding to the cool tones that are going to be talked about a lot this fall, but introducing the sparkling note before the holidays, Kylie Jenner’s manicure brings together more than one beauty trend.

Since 2019, microbeads , well glued to the skin in a fantasy key, or by way of delineation, have managed to bring together disparate and aesthetically distant celebrities, creating looks between the naive and the centennial . Of course, the adaptation of pearls to manicure was not long in coming, although there were not so many stars who dared to try it because of how recharged the result could be. If something characterizes Kylie Jenner, it is precisely the total absence of fear when it comes to innovation, proof of this is her business foray into beauty when she was just 19 years old.

On an acrylic manicure, Jenner modified her usual coffin shape – elongated but with a rectangular tip, so as not to fall into the claw effect – for an almond design. This type of shape, which is not quite pointed, creates the effect of a longer nail and slender fingers, but rounds its tip avoiding fragility and creating a much more natural and discreet shape. This seems to be one of the new concerns of Kylie, who since confirming her second pregnancy has left her most eccentric beauty looks for Kylie Beauty advertising campaigns. The almond shape of her nails, discreet and elegant, is complemented by the chosen enamelling technique.

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Kylie Jenner is a regular client of Mei , responsible for the Hadid sisters’ manicures; However, far from tagging her in her latest photograph, the manicurist behind her latest look remains a mystery. For some years now, the traditional French manicure has undergone modifications that have adapted the design to youthful demands , from adding color to the free edge by painting each nail a color to playing at modifying the shape of the nail. This last option has always been the favorite of the little Kardashian, who has been combining spiky designs with French manicures for years, but still seems reluctant to include colors.

Although it is not a discreet manicure, compared to the designs that Kylie usually wears, it seems that the businesswoman has relaxed her nail art creations a lot on a day-to-day basis, favoring natural enamels before the more striking colors, which are now reserved only for your brand campaigns. Strategy or trend, Kylie Jenner’s new pregnancy has made baby boomer manicures back in the trendy spotlight.

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