“I wanted to let you know that True and I tested positive for Covid-19. I have had to cancel several commitments and I am sorry. Fortunately I have been vaccinated so everything will be fine”, published Kardashian in her account of Twitter and replicated it on her Insta Stories.

The sister of Kim, 37, is in isolation next to his daughter True, of three years, this until they recover their health and give negative to the test: “We will be here in quarantine and following the norms”; besides that he did to his followers a heartfelt request: “Everyone keep safe”.

Khloé did not reveal how she and True were infected, but she does show a very positive attitude towards the disease. Unfortunately this is not the first time Kardashian fight against the coronavirus, she had already been infected in March of last year, as she discussed in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

At that time the situation was very difficult because she had to separate from her daughter True to avoid any risk of possible contagion. So that the girl would not want to be with her, she pretended that she was leaving the house, although in reality she was locked up; “I was quarantined in my room for 16 days”.

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